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  1. Just watched a few and will definitely watch more! Thanks, Tracey for such a wonderful resource!
  2. That is so funny and so true. These days I am trying to make a dent in my stash by actually using it! And I try to remember when I actually realized I had a "stash", but can't, so long ago. lol
  3. Marti, yes! Apqs support team is awesome! I live far far away from any APQS facility so I particularly appreciate the quick response of the support team, as well as this forum! Zeke, I agree, the first thing I tried was re- tapping my needle bar with the 4-40 tap to fix the threads. I did not work. Unfortunately it had been ages since I used my nifty tap set - I wish I had seen that great video on using a tap, Cagey!! I did go to my friend who works with metal and he showed me the forward, back out technique while tapping with 6-32. And I did get a hex screw and I think it is better for me. I have always hated slotted screws! I never have the exact screwdriver to fit the screw, and I mess up the head after a few needle changes. I am really happy with the bigger screw and the hex head. Thanks again for all the help!
  4. Success!!! Amy let me know that needle bars and bushings come as a matched set, so I needed to replace the bushings as well as the needle bar. Since that meant waiting until I could get some help taking my machine off the table, I decided to try Marti's suggestion of re- tapping the hole on my old needle bar. I went to 6-32 and got some hex set screws in that size. Thanks for the suggestion Marti, and thanks to Jim also for suggesting the hex screw, much easier to tighten. Timing was next - not sure why I was so worried! Well it was very hard to see, even with a magnifying glass, but apparently I saw well enough- sewing beautifully now, I hope it lasts!! Thanks all, for the moral support!!
  5. Marti, thanks so much for re-timing encouragement!! I have read and re-read the instructions. I just wish my eyesight was better!! I really love working on this machine and hope I can get it done.
  6. I did try to add a little oil. I have taken the bar out ( it came out not easily, rubber gloves helped, and did not have to use the mallet!) so I will oil it some and try again. Is it alright to tap it in? I have an email in to Amy, but I know she has gone home (hopefully!!). Tomorrow is soon enough. Thanks, Nigel!
  7. I got my parts today and went right up to install the needle bar. Taking the old bar out was a piece of cake. I am not replacing the bushings because there is absolutely no play in the old bar. Well, the new bar did not just slide in! I had to tap with a mallet, I was very careful to go slowly and not tap too hard, but now after attaching the stud link the take up roller is exrtremely hard to move. Basically the needle bar is not moving freely. Does this mean the bushings should be replaced after all?
  8. Thanks everyone for suggestions! I am already speaking with Amy about this because I am also having a problem with a periodic racing motor. I decided to really clean down under after a particularly bad thread shredding event, and took the needle out, then could not get the screw to hold when I replaced the needle. I had already messed up hole on the left side, and now the right one was stripped. Marti, I have already tried re-tapping the bar, and that did not help. I am going home from work today and try again, though, just to make sure. Did you use a 4/40 tap? The good news is that as Nigel suggested, since I have absolutely no play in the needle bar, that I can detect anyway, I do not have to replace the bushings. But apparently I can not get around having to remove the hook assembly so I will be re-timing for the first time - very nervous about that. When this is done I am definitely going to try the socket screw, thanks for that suggestion, Jim. I have always had a problem with this screw. I do not consider myself strong, but I have even broken one in half while tightening!! On a better note, I have a couple of quilts hanging in our local Eureka Ca show (not juried) and maybe I will finally figure out how to post pictures. I have a flickr account but just can't seem to get to it!
  9. i have been looking for a good recipe for home-made enchilada sauce. I will definitely try this one, sounds pretty easy! Thanks!!
  10. Sent you a PM, thanks Nigel!
  11. I have ordered a new needle bar with bushings. I have a 2008 Millie and the threads on my needle bar have finally given out. I have struggled with this forever, I suppose I have continually over-tightened the screw ( nightmares about the needle falling out, I guess! LOL) Of course this happened after I finally got a quilt onto my machine, after not being able, for one reason or another, to find time to quilt. I am hoping to get a jump on replacement -- does anyone have instructions for removing/replacing the needle bar? Thanks in advance. I miss this forum, whenever I jump on for a minute or two, I love seeing the work you all are showing -- fantastic and inspiring!! Thanks for that also!!!!
  12. I have this problem also, I will try some of the suggestions, but I think Apple security tight, a good thing I suppose. The main thing I hate about this is not that I have to enter user name and password, but the two or three pages of new posts since I last checked in go away if I have to leave for two minutes so as not to burn dinner! Grrrrr!
  13. Really beautiful, Libby, I love the ruler work and McTavishing. I also rely on Linda's book when faced with a narrow sashing! Congratulations on your ribbon- well deserved!!
  14. Very cool quilting, I love the spirals with the angular Greek keys. It's perfect for the quilt!
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