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  1. Hi Darlene Do you still have any of your digitized designs left for sale? regards Mcthirl
  2. Hi Do you still have your micro handles for sale and do you know if they would fit a 2010 Millie? regards Mcthirl
  3. Hi Barb It seems to be when I try sticking it out in simulation mode, it lets me get to a certain point then says 'you are out of safe zone, please advance your quilt, so I go through the motions of selecting centre, etc., and it is still in the red. Maybe I'm missing something. Regards Maria
  4. Hi VickieGuess what, my clamps were not quite in the upright position, I tried again and it worked, thank you getting me to re-check. Regards Maria
  5. Hi Yes I have set the stitching boundaries, if you mean the placement area? I have checked the clamps, that was my first thought. Thanks for your ideas. I have re-booted and will try again, hopefully successfully. Do you get the red area even though you re-set placement and chose centre to mark the quilt and click yes to have you set your area? I keep getting this, even in simulation mode? Any ideas? thanks Maria
  6. Hi Delld, it is definitely 2.58, it looks OK on the screen, but when I trace or sew its minute. Thanks for your suggestion.
  7. Hi All. what does the grounding wire look like? Not sure if I have one, only just installed Bliss on my 2010 Millie. thenks Maria
  8. Hi anyone I have just created a duck pantograph and it all looks ok until I go to quilt and it stitches out 1/4" high instead of 2.58". I think that I may have set the ruler incorrectly, how can I undo this? Any help would be appreciated. thanks Maria
  9. Georgene you are truly wonderful, I am reading everything I can before attempting to quilt with QP. Thank you for all your downloads. Maria
  10. Thank you very much Barb, how many devices can I install QP on? Regards Maria
  11. Hi Does anyone know how I could add Qp software to my desktop? Thanks mcthirl
  12. The Pfaff Grand Quilter, Grace Frame and Qbot now sold.
  13. Hi Jim Thank you for this, very helpful, I will use your instructions to make my new leaders.
  14. I am making new cloth leaders, does anyone know how deep I should make them, My frame didn't have leaders on when I bought it? What size are the original leaders for a Millie with a 14" frame? Any help would be appreciated.