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  1. First time I made a commission I had a hard time deciding how much to charge...maybe it was a twin ish size..said I would try to make it for $400 or so but costs quickly added up ...ended up charging $500 and she was happy...But it was still too little .... Same person asked me again and I made a total of five quilts for her ...price went up depending on size and design and the most recent one was $825... I try to do a breakdown of fabric cost, which was mine...batting, thread, etc, longarm quilting , labour for cutting, piecing, etc... Try to be fair...she knows the value and never complained...
  2. Ok Dawn, I will do that and see if it sounds better...thanks for the help...
  3. Yes, I have oiled it..and also do notice as the bobbin empties it rattles more but still there is a rattling...like something is loose or about to fall out...I have taken off the plate, all looks secure...stitches seem fine..I am quilting top and back batik...
  4. Wow,wow,wow....in my dreams I want to be this good...
  5. Hi I looked into these magnets and here in toronto they are hard to find ..l did found them at one store ...over. $20 for one. ..I inquired at harbour freight and they are only $10 and on sale for $5.00...great deal...except the shipping cost is around $37 or $27 for USPS.... Do any of my Canadian neighbours have any other contacts info for these...I like the $5.00 price and I was going to buy 4...there has got to br other places that sell these???
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