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  1. I would love to join you but we are traveling in our RV for the month of February. This is the first time I've left home without a sewing machine. I will send hugs to her.
  2. Beautiful quilts and quilting Libby. I actually made the first one you've quilted. But love your quilting job on it better than mine. Reproduction quilts are my favs.
  3. Beautiful Cathy. Your work is just fine and I really like that panto on them. I'm sure your kids loved them! Three....wow.
  4. I'm with Rita! Don't touch my turbo bobbin winder. Love it!
  5. Prayers for you and your doctors Rita! And happy birthday to your husband.
  6. Love what you've done. How big is your space? We are closing on a new home tomorrow. It has a bonus room about 16'x18'. Unfortunately it has sloped ceilings . I'm trying to figure out how to set up my 12' Millie and a sewing and storage area in it. Always nice to see others set ups. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thank you all so much for words of encouragement and help. I have no backing fabric available so I'm off to my local quilt shop to see what I can find. I do go back to the conversation on what I could do and I went to You Tube and found a tutorial (I think it was quilted joy.com) and she makes it looks easy. Let's hope it's a fix. You APQS forum people are all so wonderful and helpful. I've learned so much from your posts. Again Thank You!
  8. Help. I am hurrying to complete a quilt before tearing down my Millie for a move. I'm almost to the bottom and realize the backing is about 2 inches short. What can I do besides take it off and try to sew a little bit more on??? Can I add a piece of fabric to the backing on the longarm?? I am so mad right now. It's a wide back and when I had to square up the cut ends I had to rip the ends to get a straight of grain! It was cut so crooked I didn't have any choice. But I should have measured twice and ripped once. Ughhhhhh!
  9. I've always had these same problems Debbi. And have never asked why. Not sure why I haven't. I float my quilts and am very careful that everything lines up when rolling. It seems I always have at least a 1/4 or 1/2" difference. As Libby says it all relaxes when you remove it. Thanks for posting this topic.
  10. I am that chick Zeke. Got it done and she seems to be running fine. When I got it all apart I couldn't see a thing wrong with the gear so called Amy. She said as long as taken apart go ahead and replace it. So glad I did because it no longer makes the noise! She sure knows her stuff!
  11. Thank you Barb. I got the specialty tools yesterday and hoping I can do it when the parts get here on Tuesday. Amy's instructions are very good. Great help from APQS and Amy yesterday.
  12. I did a no no this morning. I was doing my usual cleaning the hook area and put my oil on it. Of course I always put a rag under it and I have a quilt on so wanted to make sure none got on it. I held the rag up and it caught in and around my hook area. The fuse blew and I had to manually turn the side thingy to get the needle up. I was able to then cut the rag out, replace the fuse, etc. It seemed to work but when I turned the machine on it makes an awful clanging noise. No problem with the needle hitting anything. Amy says it's probably a broken gear and will need replaced as well as packing
  13. Thank you Kathy and Oma. I definitely think I may have to have these. They would be perfect for my storage under the longarm.
  14. I just looked them up. Not a bad price. I'm curious what you can store in them? The site doesn't say how deep the drawers are. Would they be deep enough to hold cones of thread?I think these would be wonderful under my longarm too. unfortunately I have no IKEA near me and have only been to one in Orlando.
  15. What are those cabinets called. I've seen other pics of sewing studios with these and I love them. Just wondering how big they are...depth of drawers, etc. love what you've done with them. Awesome storage space.
  16. I have not had any luck trying to reach Dave Deloa at both numbers he has posted. I have called and texted. I got a response before MQX and he said I am on the list. Have heard nothing since nor can I reach him. He had posted he would stop and do spa treatments and that's what I've asked for. Any suggestions?