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  1. I have a 4 foot LED shop light. I have another but so far one gives plenty of light. Attached with a swing arm on a redwood 4x4
  2. Nice to meet you, Betty I've had my Freedom since 2007 actually next month will be his 8th B-day! Will trade sunshine for rain...
  3. Hi Georgene Love your instructions. Do you have any helpful hints for doing the top and bottom borders? I'm trying to get some to matchup using the Square Corner corner pattern and the pipeline continuous line pattern. I haven't found an easy way to get this type of corner to line up. Of course I've downloaded some other border and corner patterns and haven't had any luck with these either. thanks tom
  4. Make sure to leave the marking from the last placement. (left,right,center) It's a great reference point if something goes awry
  5. Thanks, Angela I noticed that. I've only been using 3 or 4 buttons as of late so it's helpful when I use some of the others Sorta like number of stiches in a row is useful for judging number of bobbins. 25000 stiches for 'bottom line' and 17000 for 'so fine' per bobbin (+-1k) It's all good t
  6. Thanks, Barb. I kinda thought they had a little salesman in them. I joined the FB group awhile back. It's a good group for sure. Only reason I would like a manual is to see what was the intended way to use all the buttons. Like why are there 5 nesting options? We've all got our own ideas, right? anyway That's the fun of computers ... happy quilting tom
  7. Thanks for taking the time on this,Georgene. I had taken a few weeks off from quilting to get the garden and the rest of spring under control and used it to get back on the frame. Only thing I do different is set the number of rows before selecting pattern. It's a little smoother on my tablet. other than that fantastic. on a side note The Road Show 2014 was in Sacramento last week so I stopped in to talk with Mark Caraher and Josh Campbell the APQS reps. Great Guys lots of info. Big news was that there is now a MANUAL For Quilt Path. Written by Dawn. perhaps there will be a way to get our hands on it.
  8. I would guess a yes on this but the word 'perfectly' is questionable in terms of perfect to you or perfect to Quilt Path
  9. never had anything like that one. on ver 3.05.05 usually run at slow speed. when the horizontal drive rail gets dirty it gets a bit jumpy but no damage like the video. tom
  10. Got an email from Grace seems there IS an issue where the border (Quick, CW or CCW) function and the Virtual Longarm plug-in don't play well. So..... until that's fixed you gotta do borders manually (IE not Quick) I'm starting to make friends with the Rotate key I'm also going to try making my own cuts with the Sew Quilt portion of quilt path
  11. I spoke with Marie at Grace about this issue and of course it worked just fine on her system. I feel special anyway won't get a chance to debug this till later in the week so the saga will continue .....
  12. Thanks, Karen I'm not having prob;ems with then design part it trying to get it to quilt. It's a very simple job I would think QP would love to do it. I've finished all the blocks and SID and stuff all that is left is to fill the 5 inch border . Virtual longarm says it's for quilting patterns that exceed your machine. My pattern is 25 x 80. It should break down into 2 rows. This part happens just fine but the right side of the pattern is truncated even if I break the design into multiple sections. Something is broken (besides me). Will see what APQS has to say
  13. I guess it's going to take more then just luck.. I've tried a few different things but no go. Seems like the Virtual Longarm plug-in should work but when I tried using this it truncates the right side of the pattern giving up around 71 inches wide. I have a 12 foot table with Safe Area set to MAX. This runner is 25 x 80 so It's time to give up for the day. I am thinking drinking wine and watching Amazing Race is a better waste of time for the evening.
  14. :I noticed that there was a border feature under the Quilt option of Design & Create ( Pg 17 in QuiltCAD QuiltPath.pdf) so I thought I would try it. click n Quilt Set Size added block across and down until I got the block size I was after. used select Border clicked once for corners selected a corner pattern and placed it 4 corners done clicked border again now edged minus corners highlighted selected pattern and placed it clicked border once more to highlight entire border clicked Tools on taskbar with File, Edit, Select, etc.. selected CW Border. magic, magic a border appears saved. Clicked Quilt set Safe Area pattern comes up out of safe area ( of course it's quilt size ) Optimize shows 18 trims ?wtf ? I click animate and watch a strange sequence of quilting so much for the magic. I re-sequenced the numbers ( the Yellow Dots on the Optimize ) so the numbers made sense and the trims went away. save again and now back to that safe area thing ..wish me luck