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  1. Congratulations! June is a great time to have a baby - my son is living proof! As usual, I love your quilting. May I have permission to use your little triangle design on one of my customer's quilts?
  2. Question: Since one person's strips will all be going to different people, are all the strips cut out of different fabrics or the same fabric? I know I sound like a dunce - I've done swaps before - but for some reason I don't get it!
  3. I got my milli at the same time you did, and also put the M&M wheels on. I am able to do feathers quite easily, and the more I do them, the better they get. No one should be in tears over their machine - they are too much fun for that! I agree with Barb - look over the download, and if it isn't what you need, call Amy. She knows these machines inside and out and is SO helpful. I guarantee between the forum, Barb and Amy you will be feathering in no time!
  4. I have a Viking - Quilt Designer - and I love it. It's 10 years old and I don't think they make this particular model anymore, but I definitely think it's a brand you should try out.
  5. I tried Linda's technique once, and that was all it took! I never went back to loading my back on by matching the centers. It's the only way to go!
  6. The designs you chose are perfect for this quilt - my jaw is dropping!
  7. Such wonderful quilting - I especially like how you did the corners of the blocks with the feathers. I also like the density of your quilting - just right.
  8. OMG - It's almost as if it's not even the same top!! I LOVE it!
  9. Hey K - I read on your site that you ordered a gadget to do Baptist Fans more easily, can you tell me what you ordered? Using circle templates IS really time-consuming, but your wallhanging is quilted so beautifully. I can't imagine anything doing as good a job.
  10. I love your quilting! You did a wonderful job -I have trouble with swirls, but yours are perfect!
  11. Sometimes the simplest is the best - I REALLY like this quilt!
  12. Linda - Are his circles marked with any registration lines? I would like to have a set. My e-mail is
  13. Look on - she has a whole bunch of stuff. She works on a DMS (which I never really got the hang of), but her designs are great. She has also started to write a column for American Quilter Magazine. Her name is Lori Kennedy.
  14. I'm glad you didn't change threads, too. You did a wonderful job - I love the border design.
  15. Your quilting is wonderful! The time and trouble you took to quilt this is certainly reflected in your work.
  16. Double Plumes is my go-to panto. It always looks great, and it's fun to do.