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    mamaahma reacted to Laura Farnham in Spent a little time on this one!!   
    Finished this one a while ago, Just had trouble posting pictures to the forum.
    Let's see if I can post now,.......
    WhooHooo!!!!! Look what I did!!! (Thank you APQS for making this easier!!)
    This quilt was a Joy to work on. Meticulously pieced and lots of room to Play.
    The best part was, She said, "...do what you want, It's for show and I trust you...."
    This was the first time I had quilted for her!!!!
    I used Quilters Dream Wool on top with a layer of Dream Blend on the bottom.
    Glide Threads on the Top and Magna Classics on the Back!
    When I work on a quilt like this, I like to just load and go. This one was a bit differant.
    I used Renea's Rays to Mark the Arcs. I loaded the quilt and decided what to do from there.
    When it came to stitching out the arcs, My Hands could not hold the Rulers, So I went to my
    GO TO Tool. I pulled out the Hartley Fence and Easily made the Arcs. (I really love the Hartley Fence)
    I was a bit stumped for what to do in the Outer Turquoise Sashing, So I left it til the end.
    I used my Itty Bitty ruler and marked off the Triangle Sections, went back and filled in with Feathers on one side
    Then on the other side, did simple CC's in the remaining Sections!!!!
    She Loved it!!!
    Thanks for Looking
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