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  1. I'm not sure if you can add the bliss system to a Lenni or not but that may help with the drag. I have QP for sale - see post. It is for a 14 foot table but you can probably get belts for a smaller table. I haven't used Intelliquilter but the reason I chose the QP system was that it has been designed especially for the APQS system and compatibility was important to me.
  2. Just to let you know that there are also a whole lot of other bits and pieces including the belts, clamps, etc.
  3. Hi there. I have a Quilt Path for sale. US$5,000. See the photo for the basics of what is included but I also have belts (for a 14 foot table but you can always purchase belts separately for a smaller table), etc. I have a number of digital designs in addition that come with QP which I am also including (on the green USB). Plus a folder with a printout of those designs. I also have all the instructions for loading as well as a number of downloaded files for ease of use and troubleshooting. You can also see the USB attachment, bracket, surface pro, digital pen, US power lead and US power adaptor which adapts US power for both New Zealand and Australia - US users don't need the adaptor. I am happy to ship to the purchaser. Originally purchased for $9500 US, I am happy to receive genuine offers. My email address for further information is : arnsfamily@xtra.co.nz. Or you can contact me (New Zealand time) on 006421317807.
  4. Hi there - I have a Quilt Path system for sale. Originally purchased in the US - it comes with all the items you can see in the photo - instruction book for loading and use (plus some extra goodies that I have downloaded), the bracket, Surface Pro and Pen, USB attachment, etc. It is suitable for use both in the US (US lead) but also New Zealand and Australia as I have an adaptor. Originally purchased for $9500 US. I'm happy to ship to the purchaser. The USB (green) that you see has a number of digital quilting patterns (in addition to those that come with QP) that I am happy to include along with a folder with a printout of the designs.
  5. Thank you so much for your generous sharing.....love the manuals Georgene. I had written off some of the QP continuous designs but once I saw them in your printouts, there were at least 5 that I thought I might just use!
  6. Such meticulous work - the blocks with the tiny hearts are so precise. Please tell me you used computerised quilting for these....? And the feathers are lovely.
  7. Your stitching looks perfect - free motion or QP?
  8. Dtsobel - thanks for the info re the no sew zone. What does that mean exactly? Wouldn't it be great if you could see at a glance the different system features tabulated so you know before you buy? I went with QP simply because I was buying APQS machine.
  9. All the above posts say it all - breathtaking. You are so talented. And kinda intimidating for us newbies - something to aspire to?
  10. HI guys - I am a new Millie user. I've been emailing Dawn as per the instructions I received with my machine but yet to receive a reply. Maybe you guys can help with the following?: 1. Why are there no numbers/markings on the top tension - really hard to know where you are at, unlike with my Bernina. Is there a workaround? Should we be writing our own numbers? 2. My agent deactivated the bobbin thread cutter - saying that there was some problem with it and fairly ineffective. Comments? 3. My agent deactivated the breakage sensor for the same reason. Comment? 4. My Millie has a bobbin sensor that tells me whether it is full or empty - the only thing it always says it is full. How do I get this to work? Does it matter whether you have magna glide bobbins or not? When I asked my agent she shrugged and said she didn't know. Your advice would be appreciated.
  11. Wow - what a great job you have done. I love how you have added texture and dimension. Your client must be thrilled! If anyone has any advice re circle work on a Millie please? I am a newbie long arm user - and have absolutely no idea what to do re circles. I have Quilt Path installed and using advice I researched on line see you can get QP to do a circle going into quilt CAD and entering 50 (reflection of school geometry and pie) to get a circle shape drawn. Only problem is that the circle doesn't quite join up. I see there are various gadgets out there - quilt thingy, quilt lord, quiltazoid. But honestly after spending $$$$ on a new machine and QP, the last thing I want (or expected) is to purchase even more gadgets to do a circle. Any advice? I see there are various circle templates available but I am struggling at this point to keep the ruler and machine steady and in sync.
  12. Hi guys - I am a new APQS user - just quilted my very first quilt. Tension problems? OMG, dont get me started. I guess it hasnt helped that I have had just a brief tuition on the machine (hoping to remedy that soon). But I cant understand why just turning the machine off and on can cause a variation in tension. Or same thread, but new bobbin (with preset tension on bobbin winder) and again, having to adjust the tension. I have watched Jamie Whallen's tutorial (he is so great) and it seemed dead easy. LOL. I am wondering whether the lazy spider is too loose for the APQS machines? I see that Dawn recommends different inches of drop depending on fabric and style of quilting (ie heirloom v baby quilt). But it is beyond frustrating! Do other machines have this problem? I tried a HQ Avante machine and their machine just rocked through the sample with absolutely no tension problems at all.
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