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  1. I have a George that I am selling ( I have it listed on forum) . I live in Florida, so you would have to ship, but I have original box. contact me if interested
  2. Deb34285

    looking for used George

    I have a George that I am selling. I live in Florida- you would have to ship. Contact me if interested
  3. Purchased 11/17. $5000.00 includes standard table, manual, 2 bobbin casings, large amount of "L" aluminum bobbins and Filtec magnetic bobbins, new (2017) accessory foot set which includes open toe foot and both closed and open toe ruler feet, Towa guage and upgraded bobbin winder. I do have the original box that George shipped in. Buyer pays shipping from Florida. PM me or call at 941-716-2437 and leave a message ( I don't answer if I don't recognize the number- but I will get back to you )
  4. Deb34285


    Hi Vicki Haven't tried it on George, but I would think its do-able. Are you doing free standing on an organza? Or thinking a heavier fabric?
  5. Deb34285

    New George, cord question, & thanks

    Congrats with your new George, your going to love him!
  6. Deb34285

    Arcadia Avenue Quilt

    BRRRR!!! Beautiful!! Great quilting!!
  7. Thanks for all the great input- take home is all are great- but if going with the heirloom go by the roll- lays nicer?? I guess my next question is do a lot of you use 2 layers when quilting with wool a lot?? I have a few people say poly and wool, or 80/20 Hobbs and layer of wool? Thanks for you guys wealth of info!
  8. Hi All, I have a question as to what brand of wool batting do you love best and where do you usually order it if buying by the roll?? Thanks! Deb
  9. Deb34285

    avoiding turkey tracks

    Your quilt turned out lovely!! On the subject of Filtec magnetic bobbins- I check every bobbin on the Towa gauge as quite often they are over wound and come off the bobbin at a very uneven tension. Unfortunately I do waste some thread- but once the tension evens out( not bouncing all over the place) then I adjust the bobbin tension according to were my machine likes to live ( wasting a bit of thread is better then ripping) I think Linda mentioned in an earlier post that sometimes the inside of the bobbin can have a little burr in it that you can remove with an exacto knife. All good advise about adjusting your tension, but sometimes the problem is in the bobbin
  10. Great job Teresa, You complemented them on their stunning quilt ( very tactful ) while not taking the unrealistic responsibility of quilting it. Well said!!
  11. Deb34285

    Skipped stitches

    Wow Jane, You survived what so many of us fear!!! Congrats!! I am hoping I never have to do that but you give me courage that I can! Happy quilting!
  12. Keeping you in my prayers - grateful you found it early!
  13. Congrats on your new family member!! Wishing you all the best! Happy Quilting!