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  1. It's a lovely quilt, and even nicer because of the meaning and love built into it. Great job!
  2. nanbrug: when I have a quilt with short backing, I just baste 4-inch wide strips of muslin to the backing and snap it into the snappers. It only takes a couple minutes to sew the muslin onto the backing
  3. I use Dawn dishwashing liquid (original blue) to get oil and grease out of any fabric.
  4. He will treasure this quilt. I know because I still treasure the quilt my granny made me when I was 9 years old.
  5. OH, and the reason I decided I wanted to do this quilt is because each month's blocks are in honor of a different woman author--the storytellers!
  6. I just started making this quilt! It's a BOM through Keepsake Quilting. I've done the first two blocks, so I have 10 more months before I get to quilt it--gonna save these photos though--some great ideas in there for quilting mine! By the way, the best part of this BOM is that they send way more fabric than what is needed to make the blocks. I'll have a lot of leftover fabric!
  7. I prewash everything by running it through a regular cycle with a little Synthrapol. In the case of your dress shirts, I would DEFINITELY pre-wash/shrink the backing because that shirt fabric has been washed a lot and is not likely to shrink when the quilt is washed. But the muslin will shrink, which could make some issues. my goal is always to have the batting, backing and quilt top shrink in unison.
  8. It's a good chance to try other options for your Lenni if you are thinking about upgrading anything. They also do a nice introduction to threads--at least they did at the road show I went to when I bought my Millie. I sat next to a woman who already had one machine and was in the market to add another so she could have the computerized system doing edge to edge stitching while she did freehand quilting on the second machine. I learned almost as much from her!
  9. When I bought my last wide backing fabric I was told to expect it to shrink UP TO 7%. That's quite a lot, so I pre-washed it. Glad I did--what started out as 108 inches wide ended up being only 104 inches. I usually pre-wash every fabric I use.
  10. If I buy any more fabric, I may need to open a quilt shop in my home! I've been doing the Northern Illinois shop hop and the Row by Row Experience for the past two weekends (with many more to come), and it's introducing me to dozens of quilt shops I might never have known before. The one furthest from my home (2 ½ hours) is going to be a must for me in the future--mostly civil war reproduction fabrics and a lovely lovely shop. I have been supporting ALL these LQS's. I usually order my extra wide backing fabric from fabric.com (Phoenix Textiles) online, because of their selection and an unbeatable price, but otherwise, I try to support my LQS.
  11. So when I first decided I was going to buy a Millennium, I started asking longarmers what I would definitely need. On an instruction video from Manquilter I saw them using leader grips. After talking to many folks, I bought a set of Red Snappers for my Malcolm, even though I hadn't even ordered a machine yet. They stood in the package over at the side of the room. Three months later, I had a Millie all set up and ready to play in my home. I could not quite figure out how to install the rods on my leads and I kept putting it off saying that pinning isn't that bad. Last week I quilted a queen-sized quilt, and pinning WAS that bad. So yesterday, I finally installed the red snappers to my machine's leaders. Minutes ago, I loaded my first quilt top with the leaders. Such bliss! It took me all of maybe five minutes to load the top, batting, and backing, and to sew the top and sides. Why didn't I do this last October when I set up the machine? The "quilt top" I loaded is actually a light weight upholstery fabric that looks like a quilt of 4-inch squares in muted country colors. I bought this fabric for a song a decade ago, thinking I might want to use it as a backing, but it was never "right" for any quilt I was making. It has become a perfect fabric for me to practice my ruler work and hand-guided quilting with my Malcolm. It's about 4 feet wide by 9 feet long, so I have lots of practice ahead of me! Yay! It'll make a serviceable picnic quilt when I'm done playing. And I am still stocking up my little studio with 'essentials' I might need one day. I figure I should be well-stocked so I'm set to go when I retire and have less of an income. Just ordered a couple gross of magna glide bobbins and a new bobbin case to use just with them. (under $12 for the case from APQS) Happy fourth everyone! Kevin
  12. Lynn, It's worth going just because you might have a chance to meet me there. LOL. I'm planning on going for one day at least. It'll be my first time at an MQX show.
  13. I use superBob bobbins from Superior Threads most of the time. I like Glide thread a lot, but I also use Superior Threads' Omni thread and Aurifil thread in my Millie with no problems at all. I have had problems using Superior's "King Tut" thread, but if I take the time to adjust tension and thread path, I can get beautiful results from that thread too. I have a couple hundred magna glide bobbins, but haven't used them yet.
  14. That's it! I need to invent a fold up cardboard "Millie" that can be used to practice the movements on any tabletop during a class.
  15. I am only asked to sign in something like once a month.
  16. Everytime you turn your Lenni on and play with it, you will learn something. The more you play, the better you'll get. Have fun!
  17. I made a quilt as a going away gift for a family leaving our church for a few years of missionary work. I left the back a pastel color and everyone at the going away party traced their hand and then wrote their name across the palm. I had them use Crayola brand fabric markers because they don't need to be heat-set (and they could use their choice of colors). It turned out beautifully and went home with the recipients that night. I saw it again a while back, and it's held up nicely to repeated washings. Their little ones liked to lay on the floor with it and put their hands in the handprints of folks they remembered from "back home."
  18. I'm sure you are playing right now!!! Congrats on your new upgrade. I am quite sure you'll love it!!!
  19. I bought mine at a road show after trying all the features and deciding what I wanted. I saved something like $4000 because I bought at the road show.
  20. The first time I ever used a sewing machine was when I was 13 and in 7th grade. All the boys had to take a semester of home ec (remember those classes?), and our first assignment was to sew a chef's apron for ourselves to use in the cooking portion of the class. I enjoyed it so much I learned to use my mom's White sewing machine at home too. It was a good twenty years before I had a machine of my own and made my first quilt.
  21. The word that comes to mind is "darling." I don't use that word. But this quilt is darling!!
  22. my "fireman friend" had recently had the experience of saving a child who had a quilt melted to her skin, so he was a bit obsessive about it. Would the girl have survived the fire if she had been under a more fire retardant quilt? Who can say. Most people in a fire die from smoke inhalation long before the flames reach them. I'm just saying that I, personally, choose to err on the side of caution. That being said, the quilts on my bed have polyester blend batting in them, so I guess I flirt with danger when it comes to adult quilts!
  23. look below--there's a 2015 Millie for sale for an unbelievably good price!
  24. It's beautiful! After I did a quilt with QP that took me five hours of standing by the machine, I quit saying that the computer did it! My son got it before I did--he said once that the computer was more reliant on me than I was on the computer, and since I can't just load it and go to the store, I am the one doing the work with a good tool. In any case, the end result is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  25. Wow! I'm trying to learn to make feathers like yours. You are my new hero!
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