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  1. I just use a spreadsheet and I have the cells formulates in them and all you have to do is put in the width and length and it gives you the cost.
  2. Beautiful picture of you grands. You will love taking care of these precious babies.
  3. Cagey, That is what I will have to do. I like donating quilts when they make a good profit for needed organizations. I find also find that raffle tickets make more than auctions.
  4. I made a queen size quilt and donated it to our church to be raffled off to help a family that had many bills for cancer treatments. I donated it because it was a high price ticket item. The quilt was sold for $57! I was so angry that it was sold for so little money and the person that bought it knew how much it should have cost. I will never donate a quilt again. There is to much work to making them and the cost to make them cost a lot too.
  5. Shipping rates is a big deal for me. I always shop around until I can find free shipping.
  6. What company are you ordering the thread from?
  7. I have used quilters dream wool and warm and natural Batting. I really think it is the way the Maxine head moves so my husband is going to work with me and try to adjust the wheels. I am hoping that help but if it I will adjust the hopping foot. Thank you for your help.
  8. Welcome from a lenni owner and a neighboring state, Maine! You will love your new toy. And Heidi gave you good advise, to make up meals and freeze them and also get your house cleaned. I tend to let those to things slide while I am quilting.
  9. Linda, I am not have problems with shoulder or back but when I use the machine it seems to vibrate some and seems to be jerky too. My husband put my lenni together so maybe I should see about adjusting in a few places. The wheels should not need replacing because I have not used it that much. I bought it in October but was in Florida for a couple of months and I am only doing my own quilts and a couple of friends quilts. It just is not moving as smoothly as I think it should be moving.
  10. I bought my Lenni last year without ever using a long arm before. I think I should have done a test drive but where I am there are no dealers. The one in Maine has a Millie that she uses for her business out of her home. There is a dealer in N.H. But again it is a long way to travel to try out a machine. I wish I had bought the bliss system when I bought my machine.
  11. Is there a lot of difference in using a Lenni with a bliss table than without one? I was told that with the lenni I would not need the bliss table because the lenni is so much lighter it glides well on its own. And if it does make a big difference where do you get a bliss system?
  12. Nigel, I just used it for a small lap quilt and it was fine but I do like glide and so fine thread better. A big difference in the amount of lint with the connecting threads poly. Sheila
  13. I had bought the connecting thread poly before I got my lenni and when I used it I found it was very linty and I did have some breakage but not much. I also bought some glide and so fine thread and I love these and like the shine to them and no lint. Because I have the connecting thread poly I will use it to get rid of it as long as it is okay to use. Thank you for your comments.
  14. I would like to know if anyone has used Connecting Threads polyester threads and if so do you like it?
  15. When you buy a apqs machine shouldn't the canvas be cut straight. I have noticed that mine is very curvy looking across the canvas. So that said how do I take it off the frame to cut across it so it will be straight?
  16. Okay everyone I found the pattern but only because it was on Facebook this morning. Craftsy is selling the quilt kit, but I am confidante that I can make it without the pattern. It is made with jelly rolls. And Sue, you are right that it is on the cozy quilt site and made by the person you thought it looked like her creation. Thank you all for the comments and help. Terry, that is the quilt done in blue. So many possibilities with that pattern.
  17. Sharron, There is no local quilt store where I live and it is 50 miles away to the closest one. I order a lot online when I am to busy to drive to the store. Thank you for your suggestion.
  18. Sue, I looked on the website and did not find the pattern and I also looked up Daniela Stout and could not find it there either. I am hoping someone will see the quilt and know the name of it. I love that quilt and do want to make it. I might have to play around with some fabric to see if I can recreate it. Thank you for your help.
  19. I saw this picture of a quilt and saved it because I wanted to make it someday but for some reason did not save the name of it. This is where I need the help, does anyone know the name of it so I can find the pattern and make it.
  20. I just finished a king size quilt on my lenni and every once in a while my machine seems to hesitate and I have to stop and start over. It seems to skip a couple of stitches, kinda like it slips on a banana peel. Not sure what is going on with it. I have had the machine only about 9 months and have not used it that much. I was doing a pantogragh when this was happening. Has anyone else had this happen to them and if so what am I doing wrong?
  21. Are you meaning the 300 count as lower quality or lower?
  22. Does anyone ever use good quality sheets for their quilt backing? If so or if not could I get some feedback on the disadvantahes and advantages? Thank you.
  23. Thank you Sharon. I am going to try to make it when it comes to Maine next week. I watched different utubes and have been on the forum reading and I have learned so much. There are so many talented people out there that are are willing to give help to others.
  24. The APQS road show is coming to Maine. I have never been to a APQS road show before and I think there is only one rep in Maine, so I was wondering if they have venders there or any special sales on supplies at the road shows. I bought a lenni last year without ever trying one and I do love it. But was wondering if there would be any advantage to going to this road show?