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  1. When you use chalk to mark a quilt how do you get the chalk off the quilt after you have stitched it! I sometimes use a friction pen and that comes off easily with heat but I read that it sometimes shows up later on the quilt. I am a little nervous about marking my quilts to tell you the truth.
  2. Ladies, I really feel stupid and the person that gave me a lesson on my lenni told me the right way to put the bobbin in a bobbin case but I have forgotten which way the thread should come off the bobbin. When I put the bobbin in the case and I am looking at the bobbin side of the case should the thread come off in a clockwise or counter clockwise? I am thinking clockwise but for some reason I am second guessing myself. Thank you for taking the time to reading this and hopefully for the right answer. Sheila
  3. Janice, Thank you for that information. That helps me a lot.
  4. Janice do you think the 12.5 would be a better choice for the pantos for Lenni? I just do not want to buy them too big and get frustrated when using them.
  5. Thank you ladies. Now off to spend some money for pantos. I am new to long arm quilting and need the practice so am hoping this will get the movements in my head. I love my Lenni. Also have been practicing doing some ruler work. I am in Florida on vacation now but as soon as I get home I am going to get back to quilting. Thank you again for your help. Sheila
  6. Rita, Could you tell me what the largest panto you can use on your lenni. Will a 12.25 panto work? Thank you. Sheila
  7. Can anyone tell me the largest size pantograghs I can use with my Lenni?
  8. I am a newbie on the Lenni and just ordered one. I have heard enough comments to make me think it is money worth spending.
  9. Norma, thank you so much. I have so many quilts on my to make list I can not wait to get busy making them. Thank you again for this information. Sheila
  10. I just looked for this book on Amazon and there are two by that name, do you know which one the quilt is in? I love what you did on this quilt and the Bargello pattern.
  11. Rita, do you have the Bliss table? I do not and I feel it works very well without it. I am new to long arms and invite any comments that anyone gives. SHEILA
  12. I have the Janomi 6600 and I love it it. I wish that I had bought it a long time before I did. Everyone that I know that has one loves it.
  13. I have had my Lenni since October and I love it. I have the 12 foot table but I do not have the Bliss table. When I ordered it the dealer told me I would not need it with the Lenni because it was a lighter machine. I am very new to long arm quilting but so far I really like this machine and I think it handles very good with the table I have.
  14. What beautiful quilts and you should be proud of the work you did. Congratulations on the awards that you won!
  15. Thank you, I will try to go to that one. We will be down in the Fort Meyers area and was hoping there would be something in that area.
  16. Does anyone know of any quilt shows or trade shows in Florida in the month of January? I am new to long arm quilting and would love to see quilts and gadgets for creating beautiful quilts.
  17. Did APQS post who won the gift basket in November? If they did I must have missed it.
  18. Thank you for the link and because it is on sale I will order it. Can not pass up a good sale!
  19. Could someone please tell me what a Towa gauge is and how you use it. I am guessing it is to adjust the tension in the bobbin. I do not have one and I am a new Lenni owner and would like to know if it is really something I need?