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  1. Still available. Happy to show it to you. You can PM me for more information.
  2. MORE INFO: The original owner (also here in Omaha) said she quilted for hire for the first 6 years and then lost interest to the point that it was hardly used at all for the last 3-4 years she owned it. I recall her saying that she had it serviced once during the time she owned it. I purchased it from her almost 4 years ago. When I brought it home I had a local APQS rep give it a once over and everything looked fine. I bought it for my own personal use and it has served me well. I've probably done about 6 quilts a year. Because I really like quilting, I've decided to upgrade to a new machine to take advantage of the new features. About a year after I purchased the 2005 Millie, I added Quilt Path to it. (I am not selling Quilt Path and will be moving it to the new machine.) Photos will be better after some of the Quilt Path attachments have been removed which will happen January 3 when my new machine arrives. However, I'll try to post a couple this weekend. I'm vigilant about routine maintenance, and the machine has not required any service while I've owned it. Anyone interested may want to talk to the local APQS rep to see how much they would charge to take a look at the machine … I want you to be happy with your purchase. I'm not aware of a stitch count meter on the machine and would have to ask APQS if there is a way to find that out.
  3. 2005 APQS MILLENNIUM FOR SALE with auto stitch regulator, lower thread cutter, horizontal and vertical locks, and laser pointer. 12 foot table with automatic fabric advance. Hartley base extender. Turbo Bobbin Winder. Several paper pantographs. 5 sets of Groovy Boards with stylus attachment. Zippered leaders Solid, well cared for machine. Used a lot for the first 6 years and then light personal use since then. Asking $5800. (Some photos show portions of Quilt Path cables which will be removed.)
  4. I would like to find a used Turbo bobbin winder in good condition. Anyone have one they would consider selling?
  5. Thanks, that all makes sense. But why wasn't the spindle made to fit the bobbins in the first place?
  6. My used 2005 Millie came with some metal bobbins that have no holes. I am trying to use the on-board bobbin winder for the first time, but instructions say to run the thread through a hole in the bobbin. If there isn't a single hole for that purpose, how can I start winding the bobbin? Also, the spindle on the machine is too small for the bobbin, and it has a flat portion. I've read where you can slide a piece of plastic tubing over the spindle, but why is this necessary? Have bobbins changed or is my machine missing a part?
  7. Is it worth upgrading to M&M wheels on my 2005 Millenium for $250? I know bliss is the best, but not looking to spend $3000.
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