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  1. Hi Nineva I have a small box of vintage hankies that was my husbands mother. I will never use them. I will be happy to send them to you . Please send me an email at byegonn@aol.com. I was going to give them to goodwill.
  2. Good Morning Please call me at 719749-2373 I would like to look at this machine. Lucy
  3. Good Morning Can you send me a email with you contact information. So I can talk to you about this machine. byegonn@aol.com Thanks Lucy
  4. Can you send me pictures of this machine. I am located in Co Springs, I am very interested. Lucy
  5. Please contact me at byegonn@aol.com I am very interested in this machine. Lucy Martin
  6. Do you have pictures and where is it located in NE? Lucy Marin
  7. I am very interested in this machine. Please contact me. Lucy Martin byegonn@aol.com
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