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  1. Okay everyone, I think I fixed my problem with the drift. Just adjusted my hydraulic legs and the drift is minimal now. Thank goodness, it was becoming annoying. Thanks for your input!
  2. The power cord is out of the way. What do you suggest I do?
  3. Hello. I have a used Freddie bought from APQS last April. I have noticed it drifts whenever I stop quilting towards the middle. It's level on all sides including the carriage and the tracks horizontal and vertical. Can you help? This is becoming an issue when quilting. Thanks, Debbie
  4. Where can I purchase additional QP designs to download into my library? I'm guessing it has to be windows OP? Thanks, Debbie
  5. Thanks Mary Beth, I've found the info inside my manuals. Just had to sit down and read, duh! Lol, I think I got too excited to begin! Deb
  6. Do y'all have the mushroom handles? Not sure which buttons are which?
  7. I'm having the same issue. I just installed my table and quilt path and wondered if I needed to snug up my belt drive on the front of my table some?
  8. LisaC, which suspas did you buy for your APQS table? Thanks, debbie
  9. Are you still looking for a buyer for your Freedom? If so can you tell me what year it is? Thanks. Debbie
  10. Hi Jessica, Are you still selling your Freedom? I am looking for a used APQS to buy. Let me know. Thanks.
  11. Any issues with your Avante? Are you willing to ship it to Colorado?
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