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Never basted for hand quilting before...............


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I did see a couple of threads on how to baste- S/R or not and so forth. BUT, when I hand basted in another life, I went in both directions like crosshatching. Is this appropriate?

So, if you would want to have it going in 2 directions, this would be a great reason to turn the quilt. And what do people charge? I can't imagine you could charge enough to make it worthwhile?

I guess I also imagined just using the needle up/down every inch or so-is this crazy???

So many quilts, so little time........

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I, too, did not think it would be worth basting on the longarm, and just the word "basting", ewww, no one likes to do it, right???

Well, I charge $40.00 for any size and any quilt has only ever taken me an hour to do. It is a very quick process. I almost feel like I'm stealing their $40...but they really appreciate the service because it means they won't be on their hands and knees for a day hand-basting.

Also...it is a grid but you do a row of what looks like the top of a castle...up, over, down, over, etc...I don't know if this makes sense??? On my Liberty I do two rows of this, then advance the quilt...I guess my grid is about 5" or so, then.

I hope this helps.............Sandra

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No, I don't use the S/R. and I think I use a faster speed than you would think...sorry I'm not so sure...I should write things down because every time I baste I have to practice a bit to refresh my memory. If the speed is too slow it can't seem to keep up with the fast movement. Just give it a try but do as I say and not as I do ~ write down your results!!! Also, I'm not sure what dental moulding is so I hope we're on track with each other!

Also, basting is a good opportunity to use up all the leftover bobbins that are half full.


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Hi Caron,

I baste in regular mode, medium to slow speed, every 4" in both directions and charge 1/2 cent ( .05cents) per square inch with a minimum of $30.00. Some people do this only for hand quilters, but I also do it for people who want to do their own machine quilting and don't want the hassle of pin basting or hand basting.

This 4" isn't carved in stone. If it falls in the wrong place I adjust that row or area, otherwise it's just straight across in both directions. The stitches should be long enough to slip your index finger under to the middle of your nail.

Hope this helps. It really goes fast.


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