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NQR but great sewing project


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Now ladies this is really true! You can buy them at macys for 69.00 and they are actually intended for you to use them!!! I thought they were hysterical!!!:P:P:Phttp://thumb15.webshots.net/t/72/172/4/26/41/2865426410103608595IrFlvv_th.jpghttp://thumb15.webshots.net/t/72/172/0/6/7/2057006070103608595cjXvcF_th.jpg Now don't you all want one?? LOL I had to make one for my daughter she always wants the dog to ride in her purse, so why not have a dog as a purse!

Here is mine http://thumb15.webshots.net/t/63/563/1/14/72/2385114720103608595pfFcUL_th.jpg the opening http://thumb15.webshots.net/t/73/73/3/60/7/2036360070103608595zFmtaD_th.jpg the whole look http://thumb15.webshots.net/t/73/73/3/60/7/2036360070103608595zFmtaD_th.jpg

Here is how you do it! Buy a 5.99 dog from a toy store, then get a zipper and make a little pocket bag and sew it to the zipper. Buy a thin belt from a goodwill. Then open up the seam in the back of the dog, cut the belt in the back so the handle of the purse is adjustable, note the buckle is on my shoulder. Then sew in the zipper in the back. Now this is the critical part! Open up another seam and stuff the animal until it has rigamortis (sp) I mean like dead for days stiff! That way the purse doesn't slump! Then hand sew up that opening. Now mine is a cutsy one because my daughter is 11, but just think how cute will all look with a life size weiner dog purse at MQS! LOL If I ever get to go to MQS I will have to make one and wear it, so you will know who I am!!

Have fun!

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