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Another soup--creamy broccoli mushroom


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Very quick and easy--

Sauce pan--one can of chicken stock and two cups of cut up fresh broccoli. Cook the broccoli in the stock to your favorite degree of tenderness ( I like to leave it a little crisp.) Using a blender or food processor, whirl the broccoli/stock combo leaving some chunks of broccoli. Pour back into the sauce pan.

Saute pan--saute one medium chopped onion and 10 or so sliced fresh mushrooms until the mushrooms are soft. Add another can of chicken stock, heat together, and whirl this in the blender leaving some chunks of mushroom. Add to the broccoli mixture in the sauce pan.

Add one cup of your favorite dairy--I have used whole milk, combo of milk and cream, or (for the dieters) one can of fat-free evaporated milk. The evaporated milk is actually very creamy-tasting. I season with sea salt, lots of pepper , and sometimes a little dill.


grated parmesan cheese

cooked bacon bits


a "float" of cream sherry

a pat of butter

a dollop of sour cream

This makes up in about 20 minutes.

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