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I still seem to be having tension problems on the bottom of my quilt.

Ultimite II here...

Do you find more problems with tension problems with certain battings?

Cotton versus Poly? Thick and thin?

Its frustrating to do a test strip... I put a scrap on the edge of the batting backing.. and try that.. when it looks good I go to the quilt.. but by one or two rolls tensions seems off again? Hate frog disease:mad:

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I'm lucky I guess with my old girl. Rarely have a tension problem and usually it is something dumb like the thread jumped out of the guide and I didn't notice, etc. Had breakage problems with one particular spool of thread and realized it was very very old and dry so tossed it. The only other times has inevitably been with that thicker cheap poly bat that feels like a Brillo Pad. Not only tension problems but it also cuts/breaks the cotton thread. I just refuse to quilt with it anymore. Hmmmm, advice received when I was starting out - don't overstretch your top, don't outrun your machine by 'swooping, wheeeee' on the long curves (makes loopies and big ol stitches), and remember to raise the takeup bar!!!

I love my Ult II, from the day of purchase by the previous owner to this day there has never been a reason for a service call.

Mary & Big Girl

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Well "Susie" was in a mood today...

I only got to quilt one row across a quilt...

I took off the covering over the bobbin area... blew some dust out of there.. oiled her.. wiped her down.. changed threads a dozen times..... Might have been the one brand of prewoould bobbin. She can be a fussy old bird... lets hope her nature is better tomorrow.. Linda

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I'm pretty new with a LA machine, but I did have a table top model before, so I'm not so new with tension problems. It is rarely the machine. Most of the time it is thread path, or the thread itself. When I have tension problems I re thread. If that is no help then I change the bobbin. Still problems?? Change the needle, and rethread again.

My biggest problems are usually solved by cleaning out the bobbin area, and putting in a new full, well wound bobbin.

Over the week end I had beautiful fringe on the bottom of the quilt. The top thread was making 1/2 loops, and the bobbin thread was tight...very tight. Looked kind of interesting....frogged out fast! What had happened was the bobbin thread was low, and it had wrapped around the center post....causing very tight tension...the stitch was unable to properly form, causing all those interesting loopies. I think the problem started with a poorly wound bobbin...and I know the person responsible!!

I have ordered the dual spool holder, and this should help with the thread path twisties....the rest of the problems i just need to work through.

Cheryl in Iowa

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