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Attention students of Birgit Schueller's MQS class 113!

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It just has been brought to my attention that in the MQS catalog, the supply list has NOT been printed with the class description of my class 113 "Wholecloth Quilting - Efficient, Yet Spectacular"!

So, I'd like to ask everybody from this forum who has registered for the above class to email me at birgit . schueller @ creativebits . biz (please remove the spaces) in order for me to provide you with the supply list for this class. Also, if you know of anybody who will take this class but is not a member of this forum, would you please be so kind to pass on my email address so that they can get in touch with me? Thank you so much!

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience but am glad that I have caught this error at least a few weeks before the show.

Take care everybody,


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