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Hi Mariah,

I am facing the same dilemna. I will need to drive about 6 hours to attend an upcoming quilt show to give one a test drive. However, I've been told that if your dealer has customers in your area, they will give them a call to see if it might be possible for you to meet with them to view their machine and possibly even give it a try for yourself. I felt a little awkward about the possibility of imposing on somebody in this way, but if they are open to it, it seems like it might be the only way for you to have the chance to experience the model for yourself directly, without having to drive a long distance. I hope you can find an owner in your area through your dealer so you can give one a try.

Originally posted by Mariah


I live in Georgia, and am looking at my options for a long armed quilter. I have tried the Handi Quilter with the Sweet Sixteen long arm machine, and was somewhat impressed, but want to explore my options. Since I live in Georgia, I am really at a loss as to where I can "try" the APQS Millie...which is what I would want along with the CQ...has anyone bought the machine without "trying" it out first? I know there is a dealer in the Tampa, FL area, which is about a 9 hour drive for me. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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I visited a new fabric store that just opened in my area...yipppeeeee...(we didn't have a fabric store in town and the closest one was 27 miles away), anyway, I happen to mention to the shop owner I was looking for someone who had a Millie...she said one of her customers had one and would call her to see if I could get together with her to see the machine...I'm going to see it tomorrow! I'm so excited! I did ask the gal who owns the Millie when I talked to her on the phone to tell me what she didn't like....she laughed and said I would be hard pressed to find anyone who didn't like the Millie. Her husband is an engineer and she had seen the Gammell, but her husband (the engineer that he had concerns. APQS came to the Atlanta Sewing Expo and they went to see the Millie. Her husband thought it was the best engineered machine he had ever seen and that made up her mind...she loves it! She has never had any problems! Another satisfied customer who gave me great reviews about APQS. :) I'm just about convinced this will be the machine for to get my sewing cottage finished!

Mariah :D

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Yippee Mariah!

How kool :cool: that you have a quilting friend so close to you!

My hubby is an engineer as well, & he is constantly amazed at the quality & performance of my machines.

I have to laugh when he asks me if my machines "needs" anything?? He is my lonely "Maytag" guy!

Seriously though, all I ever do is oil my wicks, blow out the bobbin case area & away I go! :D

I can honestly say that no piece of equipment or product that we have ever owned as a consumer has given us the performance & great customer service that APQS has, I am kind of a picky person when it comes to my expectations in my sewing machines, & APQS has never let me down. :)

Have fun & Let us know how it goes!!:D

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Today I was able to see the Millie and actually see it in action! What a great machine!!! I was so impressed and now can't wait to order my own little Millie (ok, not so little...) The gal that has the Millie has had her machine for 2 years, took beginner classes at APQS and said it was the BEST thing she did. Her work is so professional looking, I can only hope to be as good as she is!

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my guys are great, such a wealth of information, and again I thank you, I feel so blessed to have found this forum.

I'm hoping to order my machine in late October/November, as soon as my sewing cottage is completed....I'm going to have a hard time waiting. :(

Mariah...(who is very happy she finally knows what she wants!! :D )

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