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Panto Charge

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How do you decide what price range to put a panto in?

I Would like to get your input on this if you have and idea.

I have a couple that don't seem to be real dense but seem to take quite some time to do each row on them. I wonder if they will be requested if I raise the price as my customers seem to always want the less priced ones.

Thanks if you have an idea how to decide.

Bobette Miller

Paradise, CA

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Hi Bobette...

For the first year while I was building my stash of pantos they were all priced the same. At the beginning of this year I sorted them out into three price categories. The bulk of them fall into the middle range and I find that is what people choose the most. I only have 3 or 4 that are lower priced, such as O Tannenbaum, that work up very quickly. Others, such as Popcorn and Blustery Day are in the mid-range. About a quarter of them are higher priced and aren't chosen as often.

I would say that most choose what is appropriate for the quilt and only a few want what is most inexpensive.

People definitely do understand why the prices differ...they can see at a glance that one panto would definitely take more time and thread than another.

Hope this helps a bit :)

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I like to think of pantos in sizes of fruits. Silly isn't it. But customer understand it better. Grape size, apricot size and grapefruit size. Most pantos are apricot and the going price for that size in South Dakota is $.015 per square inch. A few cents higher or lower for the other sizes.

And I would stick to the same prices if it was done with the CompuQuilter.

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