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Which batting shows off your quilting best?

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I see that most posts indicate that you use a 80/20 Hobbs quilt batt. I would like some input as to what other types of quilt batting are being used, and what effect they have for ease of quilting and which ones show off your quilting the best. Some of my quilts I would like to have a little bit more "life" to them. I have just ordered my Mille and am asking as many questions from all you "seasoned" quilters as I can.

Thanks for our help,


WL, B.C.

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Well, batting is a whole story in itself. I think one needs to choose the batt to fit the quilt, its use and the quilting, especially is you are quilting reproductions and antiques. I do use a lot of 80/20 because I like cotton and it gives the quilt a little more loft than Cotton Dream, warm 'n natural or heirloom. The heavier dream poly is good too and adds some loft. The most loft you will get are with the polyesters sold at Hancock or Joanne....Mountain Mist (not a favorite of mine). Most of your customers don't give a thought on batting to tell the truth. They just buy what is there at the quilt shop or fabric store.

My main complaint with the thinnest Cotton Dream is that it distorts so easily. I don't mind the heavier one as much. Same thing with the Dream Poly. 80/20 is easier to handle than the other two batts.

I quilt with whatever the customer brings me. I will give my opinion when asked and I quilt with everything that comes my way from my customers it is Cotton Dream/Poly. Usually, they have purchased the batt before I know they have a quilt for me to quilt. If there is such an obvious mistake the batt they have given me...I call. By mistake, I mean one that is clearly a reproduction and they have told me they want it to look like it came from that era...yet they give me a really puffy batt. This has happened to me.

If you have solid blocks and desire the quilting to stand out...you might want to consider machine trapunto. It is a great way to show off the quilting. Karen McTavish has a great book on this subject and there are other methods too.

Take care,

Cheryl Mathre

Stone Creek Quilting

Sandy Hook, VA:)

Where the rain continues to fall....

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For my own quilts, when I really want the quilting to show I use two layers. I use either Hobbs 80/20 or Warm and White for the bottom layer, and then I top it with Hobbs Wool or Hobbs Polydown for loft. It gives great definition to feather quilting:). On customer quilts, I use whatever they bring me, but I do try to educate them on how it will look. The thinnest Quilter's Dream says on the packaging that it is for hand quilters, it has no loft, so you're quilting will not really show up. Try some different battings while you're practicing and see which ones work best for you.

Janet Mohler

Colorado Springs

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Thanks for your input Janet and Cheryl. I hadn't ever thought about putting 2 different batts together, will have to give it a try. I have been using Warm & White, and Warm & Natural, but sometimes I wanted a little more loft and was not sure how to get it without using only a polyester batt, which I don't like using.

Janet Bedford

Williams Lake, B.C.


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When I want definition, I use Warm and Natural's poly

named Soft and Bright. It behaves, quilts easily and has

great definition.

I have used Quilter's Dream Wool and got excellent result

with that too and very little, if any shrinkage. The puff is

very nice.

I like the look but not the feel of poly. If I make a quilt for

myself, I want 100% cotton, not 80/20. It's flat but cozy. I

hear that a lot of quilters use Hobbs 80/20 under a poly to

get good loft and the feel of cotton but I have not tried it


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