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I got this answer to the table height adjustment question in an email from an APQS person. I am posting it here so everyone who wanted to know could have the instructions. The email I got included pics but I didn't know how to copy them in here.

Good morning!!! I am including the instructions for leveling the table in this e-mail ? you would use this same process to raise/lower your table.

Leveling the Table

It is very important to level the table to ensure the proper alignment of the carriage wheels on the table rails. It is not critical to have the table perfectly level from end to end (the long way). But it is important that the table is level across each leg (the short way). This prevents the table from twisting. Place a level directly on top of the table across the two table rails (parallel to the leg) on each end of the table. Adjust the leg levelers on the bottom of each leg as required.

To adjust leg levelers, first loosen large jam nut directly under the leg.

Next, take a wrench and put on smaller nut and adjust leveler. Remember to retighten large jam nut once adjustment has been made & finalized.

Have a Great Day!!

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