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Last minute Innovations

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Nothing like waiting until the last minute to do these


I just made my shuttle reservation from SeaTac airport to

the Sheraton Tacoma and wondered if I am the only only

one who waited so late.

Capital Aeroporter $26.00 each way ; about 45 minutes


It took two reservations to book - one to hotel and one to

airport); I think round trip only works if you depart from Seattle.

Like all nice hotels, the Bell Captain will hold luggage for

guests who check-out in the morning but attend classes until


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I'm so glad you are coming Linda - If you are there on Friday, there is a bunch of us from this chat site meeting in one of the class rooms. Check in at the APQS booth, and they will know the room #. It's from noon until 3 pm. I can only be there from noon to 12:30 as I have a class, but hope to see you there. I'll be white gloving on Wed. from 4 to 6 so maybe I'll recognize you if you are looking at the quilts.

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