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Judge says my back is not tight enough

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Originally posted by ffq-lar

Hope you are feeling better soon, Dell--and this is all selfish on my part--don't be postponing your visit!!

As for the judge's critique--sigh--as others have so wisely noted, it's all subjective. But it still is taken to heart by the quilter, of course.

My thoughts? HOW did the judge determine you needed a tighter backer? If you can't see any puffiness or puckers, I'm at a loss right alongside you!

I scribed at Innovations for a judge and her comments were homogenized, (as in--Binding should be full of batting and corner miters should be stitched closed--she didn't comment--binding needs work--she was specific and straightforward, but not hurtful) direct (Seam lines should be straight) and sometimes of a personal-preference type (blocks need more contrast, or-use of orange very effective) But nothing was ever noted as to WHY something was not perfect. She never said--backing should be tighter. She would have said--fullness or puckers present on back side--and let you decide what caused them.

So the comment you received seems helpful but may not have been the reason for the issue. If the backer was pieced, that dreaded easing of one fabric could have caused fullness on one side of the seam, which may or may not have been the problem. If it was a one-piece backer, who knows?

Obviously I am over-analyzing this ;) and I hope the comment, if it stings, won't deter you from forging ahead!!

Thanks Linda. My trip is ON!!!!! My hubby is counting the days! ME TOO!

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Congratulations on your placement Dell.

My sister-in-law works for 4-H and does a lot of work with kids and judging. She always talks to the kids about a judge's placements/comments are ONE persons opinion on ONE day and that the whole point of entering a competion is to recieve feedback and to learn.

Glad you get to go to retreat, have fun! :D

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Dell, as I was working on a quilt today, I thought of you and the judges comment.

What I did that reminded me of it was tug on the sides of the quilt. Yes, after I advance the quilt to the next quilting position, before I stitch down the sides, I look under the machine (at the backing) and tug on the sides to get out any little ripples. It seems the batting grabs the backing sometimes and holds it. So it might need a little tug.

Maybe you already do this, but I wanted to relay it since I thought of you when I did it.

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