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Nichole Webb books


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Nichole Webb's website says they are "coming soon" but it's been saying that for months. So I'm hoping it will be soon.

You can sign up for priority notification when they are ready.


I did find one site many months ago that had one of her books but I can't remember which one. I figured since I couldn't get them both, I'd wait for the new versions to come out. But I've been waiting for a long time.


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I've watched her videos over and over, but a paper rendition of the designs would help me immensely. I need something to look at when getting ready to stitch.

As it is now, I have to go back to the video and find the design and watch it again and make my own drawings.

So, I will love having the books.

I know she has plastic-covered practice sheets as well, but I want to wait and see how the books help first.

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