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Baroque Heart by K. Emmerson


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I just purchased K.Emmersons Baroque Hearts quilt pattern for CQ. Has anyone used this ETE pattern. PHOTOs welcome. lol

I really like this pattern but have not stitched it out yet. Looking at it on CQ I wasn't sure about the layout. The sample on her web shows they overlap but do I also flip every other row? Just wanting a heads up on this ETE design. I like it alot. I just wanted to view it in different directions. Looks like it could be many things if you play a while.

For future upgrade I think it would be nice to see our ETE designs flip every other row on the Full Size screen we use when viewing in CQ what we are going to stitch. I'm sure they are on that idea already.

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I haven't used Baroque Hearts with the CQ but I have stitched it out using the pantograph. It's a very nice, simple interlocking pattern. You can see a picture of my sample stitching here.


BTW, don't assume that Stan is already working on something you've thought of. Just write and ask for it.

THANK YOU to whomever suggested the Wreath Array. It's simply incredible!!

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