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pokies, me too

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OK, I know a have a good brand of batting, Hobbs that is. When I work with the organic 100% cotton with scrim, and I have my scrimbinder to the top, I have pokies with the batting that comes from the yard, and do n?t have pokies with the batting that comes from a package.

Can anyone explain this? Seems to me the batting from the yard is much rougher than the one in the package, but would it be better to have the scrimbinder to the back with the batting by the yard? I cannot think about having these pokies, but I don't want them up front eather...

I know this subject has been handled before, but I have tried a lot of Hobbs batting so far, and now it happens to mee too...

Sylvia Kaptein



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Linda, thank you, but the kind of batting I have is Hobbs Organic 100% cotton with scrim. I have it in packages and by the yard, and just the 'by the yard' batting gives pokies.

I have just turned this batting, with the scrimbinder to the back, and it gives less pokies, but now even some at the front.

This is what concernes me, because the same batting coming from the package gives me no pokies... strange no?


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