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To Use Sprayway 946 Silicone Spray for Free Motion or What?

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I have a Janome MC6300, until such time when I win the lottery (yeah Right) or 3, 4 or 5 years down the road when I can purchase a long arm. But at the present time I want to start practicing free motion so I can make lap quilts and wall hangings for myself.

So my question is....What would be the best silicone spray to use for my table for ease of my quilts to glide on? Any advice on brands, etc.?

BTW If you have advice on a particular method or way of free motion quilting please don't hold back. As I want to start this immediately and I can take criticism! I'll just sew your mouth shut!! :o LOL, but no seriously I will take pictures and maybe mini movies of my work and post it here.

Thanks, AnitaSews

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