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turbo bobbin winder & All Brand steel bobbins.

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Hey kids,

I just bought some after-market bobbins from allbrands.com. I paid $29.95 plus tax and s/h for 100 of them. I finally got to use my turbo bobbin winder, and I bought it way back when they first made them. These bobbins are great. They look just like the aluminum smart bobbins, except they are made of steel. They have the same slot on the side and lock right in like their suppose to. I did infact place another washer on the tensioner for a little more tension. I do believe that I'll be using it more often. Now I have two great bobbin winders on the bench. By the way. the bobbins are made by "running". Only bad thing, their made in taiwan. Oh well................zeke.........

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