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Floor has been installed


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Sorry I missed these posts asking about the flooring.

Yes, things do leave dents. But, that said, I purchased a set of those furniture mover things (the "as seen on tv" ones) from HD. I got the ones that the legs of the machine fit in perfectly (1.5 inch, I think). I put them on. I had the machine in one place and then decided to move it a bit. I could slide it myself and the dents did come out.

Everything seems to dent it a bit; however, the dents don't stay there. It is pretty forgiving.

The floor came from here: click here

It was reasonably priced and had free shipping...what could be better??

Oh, and the studio is finished...pretty much. I plan to make a b/w quilt to hang on the wall behind the longarm with different background fills to carry the theme of the b/w floor and the black fixture covers. The door going outside will also be changed; more pics when that happens. There are more pics of the studio on my blog, too. click here


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