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Feathers And Thank you.


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DITTO BONNIE. For the life of me, I had a problem doing feather's in different directions without marking on my quilt. MYRNA..."LUV YA M"...her class was the best "lightbulb" moment for me. No backtracking over the bumps, etc..and I just kept rolling. Been feathering up a storm ever since. Now I can do ANY feather design!

And, someone will have to pry Myrna's DVD's away from my DEAD fingers before i'll give em up!!!

Originally posted by Bonnie H

As a beginning feather-maker myself, I find some of the easiest feathers are the feathers that don't come back and touch the spine and don't touch each other as much as the more formal feathers do. With these you don't have to worry about perfect back-tracking and thread build-up on the spine. They look great and are fun.

Myrna Fricken has a DVD that I like called FowlProof Feathers. You can view a little video on it here:


Cory has told me about Sally Terry's book Hooked on Feathers and I plan on getting that soon.

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Hang in there! I practice my feathers on a practice piece on the machine, on a white board, on scraps of paper...I even doodle feathers while sitting in meetings at work! Every morning I make time to sit at the kitchen table to have a cup of coffee (or two) and...you guessed it...I'm doodling feathers. I haven't been brave enough to try them yet on a quilt, but I think I'm almost there...just need to make the leap.

Everyone gives great advice. One thing I would recommend is drawing the feathers in all different directions. I found I was always drawing them in the same direction and that causes a problem. So, remember to draw those feathers in every direction.

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