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  1. I have 18 ruler feet left for the Ultimate II machine so you can use rulers! you can contact me via email at 1sheributler@gmail.com.
  2. I bought this for my daughter who has since changed her mind, & now has a different machine. new. Never used. model ESS. $65 OBO. Shipping estimates between $8 and $12. I’ll need a zip code to verify for you!
  3. Someone can make me an offer on my remaining boards I have left, and the Upfront Stylus I just reduced to $50.00
  4. Longarm machines do not have a stitch count to my knowledge. only embroidery machines.
  5. I have a set of Egyptian Eye boards AND a set of the Gems long boards left for sale. See my posting a few spots below your posting! Click the Sheri Butler Created a topic link below. you'll see all i have left for sale! I have a 12' table I used all my boards on, both Queen and King sized!!!
  7. I measured mine. The bolt you adjust to make it fit different sized tables has "play" in it to ensure it will work on all tables. Michael has said it DOES work with the HQ frame, as its "universal" to the tables he has listed, and HQ is one of them. I believe the arm you attach to the back of your machine/table where you drop the stylus in, may need maybe a different bolt, but im certain someone could rig something up to make this work. It simply just screws into the side of your bottom back of your machine where you clamp your led light to do panto's.
  8. I have a pristine condition Hartley Fence Operation and instruction book I found amongst all my things when moving my studio from upstairs, to the basement. I see they now are $30. I'd sell this for $15 plus shipping. email or text me plz. 402-450-8321
  9. I have Swirls R & S boards...5 i think...and I have a brick looking background fill board from R & S. I'd be happy to sell you 1/2 off their list price. Oh, and maybe a daisy/flower design as well.
  11. Cheryla, tell your buyer, that I sell the ruler foot for the ULT II machines! Give her my contact info: 1sheributler@gmail.com It could help sell your machine knowing they can use rulers with this foot! Those ULT II's are workhorses, thats for certain!!! Thanks!
  12. We sell the 1/2" foot for this machine, so the new buyer can use all the rulers on the market for design making. Please foward my info to them. It also could help you sell this machine! My info is at the bottom here:
  13. i think the backing with low thread count sheets just dont hold up well after several washings....they "thin out"..but it will not do a dang thing to our awsome machines!!!
  14. I just received my wideback order from Myrna's on line store. So luciously soft! I got the stonehenge, but she has several super soft nice wide backings 108"....and i believe she has a sale going on...."at least she did last week.."...anyway, give her a look-see if your needing or wanting...I love mine...so i ordered another for another quilt top. aquilterschoice.com
  15. HI Connie...im on my FB more than im on the forum...or any forum for that matter.....
  16. The groovy boards are an Handi Quilter board.
  17. I dont quilt over Applique' either...however, i've quilted over the embroidery blocks and it really doesnt affect the embroidery at alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone's afraid to quilt over it, but as long as it's white or off white thread...you will be ok. I dont know if someone embroidered on black fabric, to use black thread over the embroidery, but....that's yet to be seen or tried....
  18. Oh I already have a Millie, but thank you! I was just excited to see another quilter in Nebraska.
  19. Hi Joan! IM in LINCOLN! Where are you??????????????
  20. There is a video on youtube that Myrna Ficken does with the APQS Machines. I think what we are asking here Charlene, is a set of feet you can thread your yarn, (couching material) thru, with a mechanism (thread guides) that guides your threads from on top of the machine head, and down into the couching foot hole.
  21. I keep mine covered with a flannel pillow case with a draw string on the end so i know it will never come off when bumped, etc.
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