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I'm in the shower, removing plaster dust from, well you know, every where, & wondering how on earth I can get out of quilting 3 more quilts before Christmas. And then it hit me!!!

No less than 3 of my family members whould very much like a whole-cloth quilt for Christmas. Yea right, not going to happen.

So I thought, what if "they" go out & buy "me" the fabric "they want" for what ever room they want the quilt for, & they give it to me for Christmas, & then, I (for a Christmas presant) promise to quilt it for them, (in a timely fashion), that way I don't have to get it done before the big day, & I don't have to run out & find the colors they may (or may not) like.

Hay, this may just work, there won't be any quilts under the tree, (well there wouldn't be anyway), but I won't have to rack my allready over-loaded brains to figure out what else I can get them. they will in-affect be buying their own Christmas presents.

Gosh!!! :P that's too smart, even for me.;)

I'll let you all know how this works out,

feel free to borrow this idea, if needed:)

p.s. this could even work for all my niece's & nephew's as well

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