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Where exactly do you stitch when Sid


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SID stitches shouldn't show.

With correct pressing of the piecing by the customer, there is a "cliff" and a "valley". You match thread to the valley side (unless you are using invisible thread--highly recommended by the way). Stitch on the seam, keeping on the lower side. Sometimes seam intersections are a bother and sometimes the piecing has the cliff and valley changing sides--sometimes in the middle of the seam.:o Try to keep the stitching in the seam, but if you are stitching black thread on black sashings or borders, you know you must keep the black on the black no matter what the seams do.

With less-formal quilts like kids quilts or utility quilts, you can squiggle in the ditch--a wavy stitch that wavers back and forth across the seam. Very cute and effective in variegated or high-contrast thread colors.

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