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how to leave a quilt on the machine?

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Guest Linda S

I hate to admit it, but at times I've had a quilt on the machine for 2 months! Don't worry about it. Just slack the tension a bit and move the machine head off the quilt so no oil drips on it. I hope you're feeling great again in no time!


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I have had to walk away from a quilt to take a business trip. I was going to be gone 2 weeks. Here is what I did:

--I released the brake so the quilt was not under pressure r tension

-- I pulled out any stabilizing pins on the quilt top itself. I didn't want them to get snagged and tear the quilt or worse, rust. Yikes.:(

--I put some slack or sag in the quilt by giving the belly roller a half turn, this goes along with the release the brake idea. Avoids stretch or lowspots in the batt.

-- I moved the machine head off and away from the quilt. I locked a bulldog clip (I don't have channel locks) onto the table rail between the machine and the quilt so the head could not roll. I don't want my DH or myself to accidentally bump the handles and pull something loose.:o

-- I know how forgetful my DH is when I am not there to remind (read as "nag") him about closing the door to my studio. So I took the extra precaution of covering the quilt with a clean sheet.

When I returned, the quilt was fine and I resume my quilting.:cool:

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I slipped a disc back in July and the quilt stayed there till October until I unzipped it and put a small white work quilt on and its been there two months; I release all tension on the quilt and move the head to the side like Romona does

the quilts are fine I only quilt part time because of my slipped disc in my neck.

it works for me

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