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Smash burgers


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A local restaurant offers "Smash Burgers". These are burgers made with a meatloaf mixture. If your family loves your meatloaf, next time make smash burgers!

Mix up your bestest meatloaf recipe.

Form a hunk of it into a ball--whatever size your family likes for burgers--but don't flatten it.

Heat a heavy pan fairly hot--cast iron is great.

Put a bit of butter or olive oil in the pan and immediately add the big meatballs--leave room between for smashin'.

After about 15 seconds, take a big metal turner and smash the meatball--use a metal cup or can of soup to add extra pressure on the turner to really smash that thing!

As you see the bottom browning well, flip the patties and continue cooking until done. These turn out very thin and sort of crispy.

Serve on a hearty bun.

Den likes mayo, grainy mustard or horseradish, dill pickles and a tomato slice.

I like mine with mayo and ketchup. And a dill pickle on the side.

Note--if you like onion on your meatloaf, the onions won't cook down in the pan. If you want the flavor of cooked onions in the mixture, dice some onion, put in a glass bowl, cover with water, microwave the onions for 3 minutes and drain. They'll cook to transparency and are great in the mix.

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