New Video Tutorial: Using Skitch with Evernote to Organize Digital Files

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I have about three thousand digital files between my Quilt Path, my Intelliquilter and my embroidery machine. Trying to keep them organized in one spot so I could find what I wanted within seconds was difficult until I started using a free program called Evernote. A while back I made a video showing how I use Evernote to organize my files. I have found that when I batch import a number of files at once I can get confused. However, when I use a different free program called Skitch, along with Evernote, it is much simpler. If you've watched the Evernote video before, just skip to the new one showing how to use Skitch with Evernote. If this is all new to you, watch them in order. 


 I made this video showing how to use them applications with IQ but you could use them just as easily with Quilt Path. The only difference is that you'd be working on your desktop/laptop and when you clip a shot of the pattern you'll manually enter where the pattern is located on your hard drive. I use this with my embroidery files too so I'm only accessing one application when I need to find something.


Here's the video showing how to use Evernote:


Here's the new video showing how to use Skitch with Evernote:

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I have a program called IPattern and love it for viewing, organizing and searching my thousands of patterns. It is for quilting patterns and not embroidery patterns. But the company regularly updates it and might be able to offer importing embroidery patterns too. I requested a .qli batch import/export to/from .gpf for Quilt Path.

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