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  1. klwheeler

    Long stitches quilt path pulling

    Try stitching the row or two above this that corresponds to this one. See if it stitches ok. If it's a panto that is every other row, then you can swich between row 1 and 2 if 2 is offset or different.
  2. klwheeler

    I finished my Twinkle Star

    I love, love, love this Quilt. Sure wish I had one. Maybe I can get it if Penny makes another one....
  3. klwheeler

    Quilt Path Patterns

    I buy from My Creative Stitches. DigiTech. Urban Elementz. Darlene Epp's site. Anyone who sells QLI format and unencripeted. Can actually say the best thing to do is find the patterns and make a wish list. They go on sale a few times a year. Get on the email lists subscribe to newsletters. Often sales are for the new patterns too. Check each site for free patterns.
  4. Have a great holiday season!
  5. I have a Blessed Milli with Quilt Path. I have just made a sling and now wonder how to hang it. I clean my bobbin area almost every pass from left to right. I have an M bobbin. I do not want to crawl under a sling or untie it each time. The main reason for wanting a sling is to keep the batting and top clean. Lint builds up and I blow it out of the bobbin area. It floats around and settles wherever it can. Usually the floor has loose thread snips, and batting puddling, the bottom part of the top, and the lint from bobbins, I keep the floor as clean as possible. But hoped to put it in a sling to keep it clean. I float tops. Never have used my top bar. Have my machine on casters. What do you suggest for attaching my sling so I can get to my bobbin area easily and not hinder Quilt Path?
  6. klwheeler

    Want to Buy Sit Down Quilter

    Did you find one? I have a George that I could sell. I am in the Seattle/Tacoma area.
  7. klwheeler

    How much do I love my APQS?

  8. Yes Tami, I had several years before I got repeat clients and lots of business. Then just as my quilting business started taking off my husband moved us to the Pacific Northwest where there are lots of quilters and my business is nonexistent. So do I try to start it again...sure why not but on my terms.
  9. klwheeler

    Laying out a wholecloth on QP

    There's also Virtual Longarm (VLA). I did a quilt or two with it. Here is a quick write up for wrapped borders that may help. http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/36436-quilt-path-instructions/#entry507843
  10. klwheeler

    Laying out a wholecloth on QP

    Mine will do this so I am confused why yours won't. Sometimes Quilt path gets confused. Save your quilt layout but remove those blocks in the vertical borders first.
  11. klwheeler

    Laying out a wholecloth on QP

    Looks like there is a difference between the pictures. First one has fit to borders and one repeat. Second one has Nested and three repeats. The second one shows a pattern that seems to be bigger than the first one. Might try (in Design and Create) scaling to correct height and rotating verically the panto and saving it. Try using it to see if the rotation is causing problems. Also may as well make a quick panto of the border to use at the correct size and orientation Vertical left and right that may work.
  12. klwheeler

    Laying out a wholecloth on QP

    What version of software are you using?
  13. klwheeler

    Laying out a wholecloth on QP

    Sorry I had to eat dinner.
  14. klwheeler

    Laying out a wholecloth on QP

    OK if you want to make it stretch out seems that the others work so what are their settings?
  15. klwheeler

    Laying out a wholecloth on QP

    So if you need to talk call. I'm in the Seattle area and a representative of APQS.