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I've had this problem for awhile and have worked around it, but now it's becoming very bothersome. I have a Liberty.  When I set my stitch regulator to, let's say, 11, by the time I'm done with the row it's dropped to 5.  If I stitch in manual mode it starts off fine and then the motor sounds like it is going slower and slower and my stitches become longer and longer.  I have cleaned everything, taken off the metal cover near the front of my machine and checked that all the plugs were plugged in and seated properly. I've cleaned the encoder wheels and they look fine.  Any ideas what to do next? Thanks!

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When I first got my Millie I found my stitch length increasing considerably.  I found that I was holding the handles in such a way that I was pushing the buttons and increasing the stitch length.  Not saying that is your problem but you might pay attention to how you position your hands and hold the handles to see if you are inadvertently decreasing your stitch length.  I hope that you resolve the problem quickly.

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Dawn that link goes to a page that says "oops"... :) . I have had a problem with my regulator for a long time where it "lugs" (I guess it could be the motor lugging) and takes long stitches and then goes back to normal... It almost always happens in the middle of the quilt... then it will stop doing it (so maybe only does it at the top of a quilt?) and possibly won't do it again for months...My encoders all look good, but encoder wheels seem to be moving in sync with the wheels... Could this be a motor brush problem?

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