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noise in machine

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Dear APQS,

I was working with my Millie, I have to say after a couple of weeks ago the needle broke and got stuck in the machine, my lower thread cutter won't work anymore in the proper way, but I have oiled everything, cleaned it and was able to work on a couple of quilts.

Today when I was quilten, suddendly there was a terrible rattle/clatter, by which it sounds like it is in the bobbin area, in the lower part of the machine itself.

like every thing is banging around inside there.

Sounds like ball bearings loose in a metal container.

have changed the bobbin case... cleaned... the usual

Tried to get a hold of Connie today but she was not available

of course I have 10 quilts to do in the next week.

any one ever have this happen to their machine?

or does any one have any idea of what it is and how do you fix it.

it is sewing fine. But I fear it damage the machine, if I continue.

Can you please mail me back as soon as possible, because I have to finish some quilts in a hurry, I hope there is a solution for this problem,

If it is the grease, I don't have any to replace, so when possible, if the answer is to replace the grease, because of an air pocket - I have red this in the manual - can APQS please send me the grease? I hope to hear from APQS soon.

Thank you

Sylvia Kaptein




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HI....by the description you gave, it does sound to me like you probably have an air pocket in your gear box...you won't hurt your machine to run it like that until you can get some grease sent out - it will be noisier than usual, but it won't hurt the gears. Please call us at the factory to order some grease - we don't charge for the grease, but do have to charge for shipping and handling, so we will need your credit card information to process the order. Please call us at 712-792-5943 ext 3 to place the order and we will ship it out right away!!

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I'm having the same problem as Sylvia... our Millie started the noise a month ago and sttoped. Yesterday startted again. How many quilts can I do without damaging the machine? What kind of grease is it? Maybe I can purchase here in Brazil... How I should proceed?

Thank you

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Hi CeciKelly,

You won't damage your machine. It just sounds very noisy, the gears are a very hardened steel. I'm not sure if you will be able to find the grease in Brazil as we have had a hard time in the other countries. If you can email me or Amy so we can get your address, we can send you some grease with the instructions on how to add it to your machine!

Take care,

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