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I received a QOV quilt with the backing that has a patriotic panel pieced in the middle of the backing fabric.  How do I sandwich the backing , batting and pieced top together?  Do I sew a grid starting with the center of the panel and go side to side, then starting at the center(panel) go to the top and bottom ?  Do I also sew a grid on the batting and pieced top?  Then match all grid lines so that I can longarmed the quilt??    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!!!   Thanks  Cajun

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I think you are asking how to center that panel, so it will be in the center back of the quilt. If that is it, I would measure the quilt back, then measure the quilt top. Figure out the center of both. This way you will know the distance from the top edge and the side edges of the backing that the quilt top needs to be. You may never get it exactly centered, and I would never take a customer quilt like this. I have taken a few before and it was a headache. I had one customer complain when I didn't get her block in the exact right place. Good luck. Would love to see pictures. 

Mary Beth 

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You will need a little fudge factor for the way the quilt rolls up on the top bar; place the quilt top up higher on the backing; not centering exactly. I would give it an inch or two - I would hate for your backing to end up too short. I would definitely let her know it will more than likely be a little off of center and she may be perfectly fine with it. I hope it goes well.


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