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Which needle?? PROBLEM SOLVED!!

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Thanks to all who looked...seems I just didn't have the needle inserted far enough. (shaking my head....)


I have Lucey with M bobbin...I am not sure what needles I should be using. I purchased the machine used, and the needles that were included are GrozBeckert 10 Nm 110/18 134MR 1955MR 134 SAN11 DP X 5 MR. When I put one of these in, press the needle down to pull up my bobbin thread, it 'jams' in the hole, the machine hums, and I have to turn off the power and use the hand wheel to bring the needle back up. Can you tell me, is there something I am doing wrong? Is this the right needle?  I think now I have in a needle that I used when I had my Lenni with L bobbin, not sure the brand but they say 1955-01-MR4.5 SET/R 134 135X5 797 DPX5. I know the 4.5 is larger than I want to be using, but it's all I have other than the GB needles. Thanks for any help you can be!


Dara in IA


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