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I am selling my Circle Lord Basic system used with APQS Millennium with Bliss track system, which includes up front stylus and design templates as listed below:  I have listed retail prices in parentheses next to each item.  I am asking $650 plus shipping for everything.



Circle Lord Basic Plus ($249)

Circle Lord Up Front Stylus system for APQS ($129)

Circle Lord template pattern books x 2 ($50-$60)

Circle Lord Center Finder template

Aztec ($89)

Butterfly Set ($179)

Featherz ($89)

Featherz Border ($69)

Stella ($69)

Heartz ($69)

Ginkgo ($89)

Squarz ($129)

Spirals 12 ($69)

Tiles ($119)

Mini Clamshells ($109)

Microfiller Surf-Clamshell ($179)

Curved Crosshatch ($119)

18" Crosshatch Close 1/4 inch ($119)


Retail over $1874.  Asking $650 plus shipping cost.






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Hello, Judy or Heidi or buyer:

As you probably know, Circlelord has gone out of business.  I have seen several references to design books, especially for about four of the templates like Heartz, etc, but haven't seen anywhere they are available.  I would like to ask your buyer if I could see the design book(s) that you had in your package.

By the way, if it is of help to anyone, I was able to obtain the Visualizer files for the Zig Zag boards, that used to be offered free on their blog.  Really fun to use and within minutes of receiving it I had designed a new pattern.  It is used in MS Excel.


Nampa, Idaho

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