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  1. Watching on TV and praying for protection from the wind, rain, flooding and snakes...
  2. Another thing to think about is support. With Quilt Path it's one call and you get help with your machine and Quilt Path.
  3. It will help prospective buyers if you post your location and if you have the original boxes.
  4. There is an inexpensive floor spray called Staticide. It's available on Amazon. Mike, APQS Engineer, said they have been testing it. It leaves no visible residue and it lasts quite a while. I'll definitely be trying some this winter!
  5. I have Quilt Path and love it. My Millie with Quilt Path is very quiet. I can design and stitch pantographs, custom quilt blocks, design patterns to export them, adjust my design to fit an imperfect quilt and so much more. Download Demo versions, watch YouTube and try hands on. It has to be right for you.
  6. Check out APQS Northwest. Barbara Mayfield is an amazing educator.
  7. Your grandkids are so fortunate to have you as their grandma! Hugs, snuggles, personalized quilts... By the way, those quilts are darling!
  8. Are you on the Quilt Path Face Book page? It's a great resource.
  9. I live in Idaho but my daughter is going to Iowa State and my granddaughter will be at St Olaf. I'll definitely be making trips to Iowa and Minnesota.
  10. I've been told a good welder can cut your table down for around $250.
  11. The Semi-Annual APQS Demo Sale will be happening soon. All Demo machines are current year, come with fantastic discounts, lifetime warranty, lifetime education, lifetime support and a free Beginner Class.
  12. Have you considered an APQS Lenni? Lenni easily glides along with a bliss rails with your thumb and a finger. Lenni is made in America and comes with a Lifetime warranty, both service and parts, a free Beginner Class, free starter kit, bobbins, thread and pantos. Lenni is currently on sale for only $9,900, that's $2000 off.
  13. I agree the top tension is too loose. Also, do you have batting in the thread guide above the cone as a pre-tension? Are you weaving at the 3-hole guide above the tension gage? The goal is to keep the top thread tight from the cone to the needle.
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