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  1. I am sorry Shahann, 

    Just saw you message. I sold the Medallion/crosshatch and the other template the first week.  I just don't sign on here very often. (my fault)


  2. I am interested in the Medallian template. Is it still available?
  3. I am interested in your system. I'm trying to send you a message.
  4. I LOVE these templates! I played with both of the microfiller boards on a simple table runner. It took me five hours to quilt because I was just playing around. You can see it here: http://new2quilting.blogspot.com/2015/04/rsc15-twistsandchurns.html
  5. I would like to purchase the Baptist Fan (Circle Lord) board. You may contact me at Shahann at yahoo dot com.
  6. I also start in the "middle" of the Egyptian Eye board where the line is most straight and put that close to my edge. If you use the Swirls Board, it's like the line on the edge of the swirls. When you stitch the beginning of the quilt you are only using half of the board. Then you advance after stitching and use the whole board for the rest of the quilt. Another option (but is wasteful) is to have the backing about 8 inches longer on the top of the quilt. I don't do this because it just wastes perfectly good fabric. But it is an option.
  7. I have had great customer service with Michael as well! It's funny how he can easily teach us how to use his boards with a pleasant phone call!
  8. LOVE that going up and down on the quilt! Can't wait to get mine.
  9. My board is on it's way. LOVE how it looks on your quilt. Can't wait to feel that texture and show quilts off to my guild.
  10. That looks great! It give the quilt such a nice texture. Mine is being shipped as I type. I can't wait!!!
  11. Thanks for posting! Swirls is my favorite right now, but Egyptian Eye is being shipped as I type. I do a LOT of strip quilts. I can't wait to do one and show it off to my quilt guild!
  12. Does anyone have a Circle Lord Cosmos Giant template board that they wish to sell? I prefer a king board in which the pattern is 15" and 120" long. Thanks! Here's the link to what this board looks like. http://circlelordflowers.blogspot.com/ If I don't find a used one at a reasonable value I will probably purchase a new board from Michael at Circle Lord site this fall on the payment plan. The payment plan is really convenient if you haven't tried it. But sometimes you just never know that someone gets a new system or doesn't care for a board and could use some extra $$$ instead of having an unused board sitting around. Thanks!
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