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Wiggly stitches


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I'm guessing this is a tension issue because I hanged my needle, put it in backwards and promptly broke it. My tension has been weird since. I switches to a different bobbin case and it's pretty much better but you can see on straight lines with a ruler stitches look wobbly. They look fine when loosely free handed.



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I have had to adjust my hopping foot when this happens.  I've pasted a reply Dawn gave to a previous post.  Hope this helps.  Kim




That is commonly referred to as a "walking stitch". It happens when the needle deflects slightly left and right as you push the machine away. If you've already turned your needle eye closer to 6:30, then check the height of the hopping foot. Turn the fly wheel by hand until the needle is at the lowest position. Then slide a single business card underneath from all sides. You should feel slight friction on all sides. If the foot is not level, or is too high, those walking stitches become more pronounced because the fabric sandwich isn't held tightly between the foot and the needle plate at the instant the stitch forms.

Here's how to adjust the foot if necessary:


pdf.gif  Hopping foot adjust.pdf   774.04KB   101 downloads


If the foot isn't level, then remove the needle. insert a flat blade screwdriver inside the foot from the top (where the needle used to be. Put the tip of the screwdriver under the low side of the foot, and then gently press down on the handle of the screwdriver while the other end rests on the other top edge of the foot. This will force the screwdriver tip up, thereby bending the foot back in place. Use gentle pressure, and then re-check the foot. Repeat if needed.

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