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Quilt back will not tighten evenly on each side

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Hi all,  
Please provide some guidance for my issue.
Issue:  Quilt backing will not tighten evenly on the left side of the  12 foot frame.  This issue is consistent with all my backings. It was gradual at first and now is increasing.  So when the right side of the backing is tight, the left side is loose and hangs down.  I've attached a photo but it hard to represent the issue. 


What I've done far:


  • Squared the backing fabric before loading
  • Pinned the center of backing and matched to center of canvas before pinning
  • Read instructions on how to load quilt


Thank you kindly,


Jamie Bennett


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Trim your backer so you have three inches beyond the top. In your photo it looks like miles of backer to the left. That will always sag because there's no extra thickness of batting and top to load on the roller and keep things level. If the left side still sags when the three layers are closer in size, check that the your rollers are level and parallel. A roller higher on one side will roll tighter, making the opposite side sag. Use a level and a tape measure to determine if the rollers are as they should be. Adjust the eye-bolts that hold the rollers so the same number of screw threads show on each pair. Don't forget to look at the front roller bolts---they come out towards the front. Good luck Jamie!

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