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CQ shifting boundary

Cherie Walters

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In early April Jess wrote

Hi! I am trying to quilt within a boundary, but after setting the boundary and going to "execute", the pattern shifts significantly in one direction or another from the way it looks on the "Boundary" page. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Jess, I haven't been watching this forum for a while, so I missed your post. This is a problem I have seen frequently - I experience it when I am working with a boundary in which the design is flipped in both the x and y direction. The way I get around it is to define the boundary and set up my pattern. I then go to the execute page and enter the x and y off-set values into the respective move boxes. I then hit move to move the head to the actual starting position and change the from 'boundary' to 'start of pattern'.

It is frustrating - and I assure all those that gave you advice to re read the manual I did several times. The error is else where.

I did detail the key strokes that bought on the problem and all of the observations I made sorrounding the problem and email them to both my supplier and CQ people in early November last year, but either the email went astray or the problem was dismissed.

I also observe some other anomolies when working with the flip functions, namely when using pattern start and end settings.

Last time I checked the CQ website, I had the latest update, but maybe things have changed since then, I don't know.

Cherie Walters

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Did you know there is another yahoo group for Compuquilters? Stan and DeeDee have started it. Of course, I can not remember the link as I am typing this...but I am sure you can do a group search or go to the Compuquilter website and look for it. As I am editing this post...Sue Morris has the website posted in a post a few down in this form.

I don't know what to tell you to do as I do not have much experience with boundaries. I know Butch answers many questions and is extremely helpful. I have called them several times at the shop and they have been great.

Cheryl Mathre

Stone Creek Quilting

Sandy Hook, VA

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